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Optimize Your Body to Survive the Holidays

It’s that time of year – travel, office parties, tasty food, alcohol, and stress. All of these factors may effect our health in a bad way. People often spend this wonderful time of the year fighting colds when they should be enjoying friendships and family. Now is the time to visit your Acupuncture Physician and Massage Therapist so that they can prepare you for the holidays.

Acupuncture and herbs can be used to strengthen your immune system, stop colds in their tracks and ease the digestive issues that come with overindulgence of food and alcohol. The first and best approach, of course, is to maintain your health year-round. But, sometimes we wait until the last minute to consider taking care of ourselves. Massage therapy is something that everyone one should utilize on a regular basis to reduce their stress levels and to maintain health.

Always check with your primary care doctor (MD, DO, or Acupuncture Physician) before taking herbs with any prescription medication. But, there are simple things you can do, such as taking milk thistle before and after drinking to reduce the damaging effects of alcohol or using a formula like Curing Pills to help with symptoms of overeating and fatty foods. There is, of course, the famous chinese herbal formula called Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian, which can stop a cold in its tracks if taken in the first 24 hours of symptom onset. Bob Linde, Owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, used to get a cold every time he traveled. When he began taking one or two tablets of Yin Qiao before, during and after traveling, the colds dissipated and he now enjoys traveling on a regular basis.

If you want to find out which herbs can help you this holiday season or if you want to optimize your body’s immune system and relieve stress, call 727-551-0857 to schedule an appointment with one of our acupuncture physicians today.

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