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Dr. Martina Kostova

martina kostovaDr. Martina Kostova was born and raised in Bulgaria. She grew up in an environment where natural medicine was the primary means of treatment. In 2010 Dr. Kostova moved to the United States to attend college. Her first encounter with western medicine in 2011 was a prescription of antibiotics. Although the acute issue resolved, the antibiotics made her extremely sick and weakened her immune system. This experience led to years of ups and downs in her health. Her health setbacks, as well as her deep desire to help others led Martina to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science.

Dr. Kostova believes that food is medicine, and a proper diet plan can tremendously improve health. She wanted to deepen her nutrition knowledge and continue her education with herbs and acupuncture to more effectively provide care for others. Dr. Kostova went to East West College of Natural Medicine and graduated summa cum laude. She has interned with multiple doctors including Dr. Robert Linde, owner of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies of St. Petersburg. Her passion for the medicine focuses on patients in need of pain management, post-operative care, psycho-emotional care, a combination of Western and Chinese diet therapy, diabetes care, and women’s health.

First and foremost, Dr. Martina sees her patients as her brothers and sisters, all God’s creation, and therefore approaches them with prayer, love, and compassion, knowing that true healing is not only physical but also spiritual.

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