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Robert Linde, AP, RH

Bob_Linde-200x300Acupuncture Physician, Registered Herbalist


Bob Linde is the owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies in St. Petersburg, Florida and the director of the Professional Herbalists Training Program, a two year clinical herbal program. He also consults as a product developer for a national herbal product company and enjoys growing many medicinal herbs in his yard. He serves on the board of directors for the Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA). Bob has presented at the FSOMA, Florida Herbal Conference, and the American Herbalist Guild conference. He lectures regularly at colleges and organizations around the US. He has worked as a counselor for teenagers, treasure hunter, commercial diver and fisherman. Bob volunteers for Acupuncturists Without Borders, Homeless Connect and Free Community Acupuncture for Senior’s as well and other community focused organizations. Bob is member of many organizations related to herbalism, alternative medicine and nature conservation. Bob is also an traveler and travel writer. He has lived in Europe and traveled to the Amazon, Galapagos, Yukon Territory, Caribbean and throughout the US. He regularly explores the rivers and forests of Florida by sailboat, canoe, kayak and on foot.

More about me:

I have taken a circuitous route to becoming an acupuncturist and herbalist. My career has changed many times; commercial lobster and conch diver, treasure hunter, sail and canoe instructor, wilderness youth counselor, long-line fisherman, infantryman in Desert Storm and GreenPeace worker.

Yet throughout, herbs and health were a part of my life. My journey started much earlier though. I was 10 years old in summer camp in Maine and was taken on an herb walk. As a kid from New York City, I was awed and hooked. I started by reading Euell Gibbions’ “Stalking the Wild Asparagus” and never stopped learning. In the Bahamas, I met an herbalist/fisherman. We would sit fireside on deserted islands at night talking about the use of native plants. When I was in Iraq I learned about the wild edibles before traveling there, making unique meals with plants and MREs.

While in school to study Chinese Medicine it all came together. It was the diagnostic system that allowed me to blend my knowledge of western herbalism, dietary thought and western medicine. This combination led to the creation of a clinical practice that emphasized herbal and dietary therapies. It has grown to a clinic with 7 amazing practitioners and a blossoming herb school with weekly student clinical practice.


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I called Bob the other night cause I woke up feeling under the weather and it progressively got worse. I was going downhill fast and he suggested some certain Vitamins and left a few things for me at the counter and I was right as rain before it got a chance of really getting bad….. #noscrips …#bobisawesome!!

9/29 – T.C.


I have been treated by Dr. Bob Linde since I was in high school (that’s at least 20 years). His knowledge, expertise, and manner of treatment never ceases to amaze me. He puts his heart and soul into not only treating patients, but also teaching people to be herbalists. With the addition of Renee, they have gone above and beyond in so many ways that they serve the community through alternative treatments, herb walks, and educational classes and events. This place is a gem and I am so grateful to always have these two as my allies of health! Thank you so much for all that you do!

12/16 – C.N.


Bob is a healer! Mental and physical even spirutual! The staff is amazing.. Stop in and just ask Eva at the front counter what they do there.. no matter what you have going on in life if you haven’t felt good in a while, either for a real bad reason or for no reason, I recommend you go by there for a consultation. And get ready to stick out your tongue… ahh 👅

2/1 – T.C.

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