Angela E. Collina, DOM, AP

BLIVELY_IMAGES_ Angela_Collina_01-1-1610 years ago, Angela had her first acupuncture treatment as a patient of Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies. She was seeking relief of her stress related physical symptoms as a result of working a fast paced highly stress filled corporate position. Angela experienced first-hand the powerful impact of acupuncture and herbal medicine on balancing emotions and correcting internal physiology, healing the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Angela’s experience with Chinese medicine was so profound that she was driven to change her life path. She researched schools around the country, looking for a school that was based in unaltered traditions and bridged the connections of physical, emotional and spiritual approaches of Chinese medicine. Angela completed her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine from Daoist Traditions in Asheville, North Carolina.

Her training is rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine as taught by Jeffrey C. Yuen, Daoist priest from two Daoist lineages; 88th Generation Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao Zi School; 26th Generation Complete Reality Dragon Gate School ( Yuen is internationally recognized for his comprehensive and unique knowledge of Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, and qi gong. Additionally, Angela is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is a nationally certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine through the NCCAOM that required board exams in Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Theory, and Western Medicine. As a result of her unique training in Classical Chinese Medicine, Angela specializes in mental-emotional health including issues of insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress and many related mental-emotional disorders. Additionally, she loves working with women on health issues ranging from painful or irregular menses, migraines and menopause.

Patients who partner with Angela, for physical or emotional concerns, will get a focused approach that utilizes every aspect of the mind-body connection. Her work always treats the acute issue while subtly adjusting the underlying imbalances; working one-on-one with the patient to bring balance and harmony to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Angela’s life path has taken her in many directions including equestrian, flutist, restaurant server, pasta maker, interior designer, tri-athlete, marathoner, salesperson, corporate meeting & event planner, and now Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She is amazed by the opportunity to live many lives in this one lifetime. As a result, she encourages everyone to follow their heart in discovering their fullest potential in life. Angela believes in meditation and being in tune with nature as a way of remaining centered with ‘self’.

As a native Floridian, Angela is excited to be back in St. Petersburg, a city she loves. She currently sits on the Iconic Women of St. Petersburg Awards Committee with the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, she provides valuable programs to the community including a weekly walking group, educational lectures and, a 6-week lecture series on health & wellness beginning in November 2014. When she isn’t at the office, teaching or volunteering, Angela is out in nature enjoying everything from boating, hiking, the beach, and other outdoor adventures in Tampa Bay as well as abroad.

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Before I go into how much acupuncture has helped me, I want to start by saying that Angela’s presence as a doctor is what I would want in any doctor. She is warm and loving. She is PRESENT with you. She listens. She is not rushed. She desires to see you healthy and happy and will not hesitate to recommend other means of healing if needed. She goes above and beyond to individualize her care for you!
I saw Angela regularly for a four month period of time with great progress with a genetic condition called Familial Tremors. As a hairstylist, you can only imagine how challenging this can be on a daily basis.  This condition also led to anxiety and panic attacks. She first addressed the anxiety since that exacerbated the tremors. Chinese herbs have been very influential in treating the anxiety as well as the acupuncture. She then addressed the deep-seeded genetic condition and the outcome was greatly successful. Not only did her treatments heal my anxiety and tremors, but my digestion improved, and I felt an overall sense of balance. I will be forever grateful to have found such an exceptional doctor and human being!  R.C.


I recently began to have a extreme lower back and leg pain that kept me from enjoying my daily activities. Having been treated in the past by an acupuncturist for other issues, I decided to see if the medicine would be helpful with the leg and back pain. Seeing Angela at Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies was my saving grace. Angela listened to me and made me feel she really cared about what was happening with my body. I was not a number to be moved along and out the door. The visit not only cared for my physical issue but also nurtured my emotional well being. Since having the treatment my pain has subsided. Angela recommended that I do daily stretches along with exercises to strengthen the area. I am pain free and back to enjoying my daily activities again. I highly recommend Angela Collina for any health issue you may be experiencing. C.C.