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Adam Bailey, DOM, AP

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician


Adam first experienced acupuncture in high school as a three-sport athlete. A friend recommended acupuncture, and the results were impressive. Bruises and aches melted away, and more serious injuries healed better and faster than ever before. He was amazed at how acupuncture so effectively accelerated the body’s healing.

In college, he struggled to find the motivation to stay fit. This was a new for him as he’d been active and athletic his whole life. He found Shaolin Wahnam, Kung Fu and Qi Gong (energy exercises), and was hooked. He realized the difference between being athletic and being healthy. Once starting these energy arts, Adam’s body started healing itself. Now, he is both healthy and fit. He enjoys teaching others the skills and balance that can be achieved through Qi Gong, martial arts and diet. Adam was an assistant instructor at his teacher’s school and taught his own students at a retirement community. He was amazed to see how the practice of Qi Gong helped different populations overcome difficult and complex illnesses. Qi Gong now permeates all aspects of his practice as a Chinese Medical practitioner.

In Chinese Medicine school, his primary interest was initially in sports medicine. Adam appreciated the sophistication and effectiveness of the system that offered more options than the R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) that is typically offered for injury healing. Chinese medicine also provided an effective way to treat older, chronic injuries. As he began to understand the broader application of Chinese Medicine, he became fascinated with the internal medicine of Chinese Medicine, particularly the use of classical herbal formulas to treat a patient’s constitution. Using this method, his patients saw fast, powerful and lasting results. He is also drawn to a style of bodywork called Tui Na. Adam organized a specialized course to bring one of the leading experts to teach an advanced class to heighten his skills. This advanced system incorporates techniques that not only relax the body and remove pain, but also improve structural alignment for long term, lasting results. Tui Na is an excellent treatment option without the use of needles in patients who are sensitive and it can also add to the effectiveness of an acupuncture session.

Adam likes to lead by example and makes his own naturally fermented foods. These foods are not only more nutritious with more bioavailable nutrients, but they also taste great. He looks forward to teaching courses in making some of these simple, delicious foods as well as advising his patients how to incorporate them in their diets.

Contact Adam if you have an injury, new or old, or would like to try a traditional approach to health care using a combination of exercise, diet, acupuncture, herbs, Qi Gong and Tui Na

He is in the office on Mondays.

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